So How does this work? What will we do when you arrive?

Well, I'll show up to your house and we will just hang out together doing things you guys would normally do! I promise it's only somewhat awkward for like two minutes, then you're just going about your day and I happen to be snapping pics along the way! We will have discussed a few ideas beforehand and I will gently guide you along the way but these sessions are meant to be an intimate glimpse into your day-to-day life. 

Cool, what are some things we could do? 

Is Sunday morning breakfast a tradition? Cool, let's burn some bacon & make pancakes and make a big ol' mess along the way.  Wanna surprise your kids by checking them out of school for the afternoon for a spontaneous trip to get ice cream and walk around the park with your dog? I'm in! 

Basically, I'm up for whatever. And it really doesn't have to be anything as extravagant as checking the kids out of school ("School is Cool, kids!"), but just think of the whole thing as a bit of an adventure. Let the kids know beforehand that we may be breaking some rules when 'our friend Kate, the photographer', arrives but that it's business as usual afterwards. Let's get our hands dirty. Let's go on a walk and let the kids be the natural wonderers that they are. 

My house is always a mess, do we have to do this session in-home?
Well, no, I am down to explore your local neighborhood, visit your go-to park, etc. But I would be remiss not to note that there is something particularly sentimental about your house that lends itself to my documentary approach to these sessions. Think of those disposable-camera pics of you in your childhood home... Is it spotless or do the random 1980's coke cans and that one cereal box not bring you right back to the real "home?!" Just sayin. Messy = authentic = beautiful. 

Are albums & prints available?
Yep, a la carte. Prints can be ordered via the online gallery and will be shipped directly to you. They are professional quality and have an archival life of 100+ years and the colors will match the colors you see on your screen (this just isn't going to happen at Walgreens, sorry Charlie). 
>> Albums (think: high quality coffee table book) range from $300-$1,000. Please inquire for more details regarding the album-ordering process.